Work Packages

WP1 Project Management

Activities: Kick-off Meeting at NTNU; Preparing for future plans and objectives.

WP2 Reciprocal Mobility of Administrative and Scientific Personnel

Activities: Research Meeting in China (focus SE); Research Meeting in the US (focus CSE); Sabbatical semesters for main partners; Workshops to set up exchange agreements and double degrees; Short-term visits for scientific personnel; Short exchange of administrative personnel.

WP3 Reciprocal Mobility of students

Activities: Student Workshop at NTNU; b) Incoming International visits for the most qualified and motivated bachelor students to NTNU to attract them to NTNU International Master and Ph.D. programs

WP4 Research Workshops and Empirical studies (Objective 4)

Activities: Strategic planning of common research activities and laboratories (including how to apply for common projects beyond IPIT). Pilot the new teaching methods in concrete courses (e.g. software engineering courses); Empirical studies in which students act both as subjects and researchers; Master (and Bachelor) level activities like summer courses and hackathons

WP5 Dissemination.

The network will also have dissemination activities of various kinds to ensure that results are communicated. IPIT WP5 will ensure that the activity allows the involvement of external experts (such as an advisory board) to get new impulses and disseminate results beyond the network.