IPIT builds on top of Excited and contribute toward a) a long-term approach to internationalisation of bachelor, master, PhD students, as well as researchers and professors in the ecosystem of the SFU Excited; b) Strong focus on International Research, with a specific focus on Software Engineering research in addition to the focus on Computer Science Education Research as already in Excited. The IPIT concept and approach behind the main objective of the partnership (as introduced in section 1. and in NFR Web form under Objectives) focuses on the following three key aspects and support measures.

Mutual learning and capacity building

Through joint research, training and exchange of best practices in partner institutions, in particular through empirical studies and co-supervision of master candidates, living labs, course materials and creative workshops, as well as at individual level, through research teamwork and short visits (Adjunct positions will be created. Existing/new course or summer course will be developed to include visiting lecturers from IPIT network as well as selected research students will be offered internships).

Creating professional basis

The network will develop common publications draw up annual summaries of their field of study which also looks ahead. The researchers and PhD students will publish in high level international conferences and journals (as declared in Dissemination plans in NFR WEB form)

Shaping new ways for cooperation

IPIT network viability it is important to ensure sustainability of the efforts. Planning and development of joint research project proposals and grant applications for international research projects are essential for sustainability of the project. The new proposals will be prepared and submitted to appropriate international research grant organizations (such as EU Horizon2020, NSF, Science Foundation of China).