Kick Off Meeting @NTNU 4-6 June 2018

Monday June 4 (Trondheim Gløshaugen IT-building Meeting room 454)
08.30-09.00 Registration and coffee Fufen Jin and Orges Cico

Session 1: Chair Letizia
09.00-09.30 Welcome by the Dean Geir Øien and Berit Johne from Norwegian Research Council [Presentation about INTPART and RCN organization]
[Presentation of the Project, Agenda, and Expectations] by Letizia Jaccheri
09:30 -10:00 International relations – International Office NTNU (about exchange, double-degrees, agreements – Dimitrios Vatzolas (Asia) and Gunnar Bergseth (Canada & US)
10.00 – 10.15 Petter Rein (Online) [The Student Excursion to China in 2019]
10.15-10.30 Break with some food
Session 2: Chairs Guttorm Sindre and Monica Divitini
10:30-11.30 Scientific presentations by Tsinghua University
Yongwei Wu [Introduction to MADSYS-INTRO (Storage)]
Wei Xu [Computer Science Techniques for Fintech: Recent research introduction]
Xiaoying Bai [Data Driven Testing]
11:30-12.15 Scientific presentations by Michigan
Barbara Ericsson [Scientific Plans at Michigan]
Mark Guzdial [Scientific plans]
12.30-13:30 Lunch break in canteen
Session 3: Chair Anniken Karlsen
13:30-14.30 Scientific presentations by Nanjing
He (Jason) Zhang [International Partnership in Information Technology]
Dong Shao [Software Engineering Education in Nanjing University]
Guoping Rong [How to teach DevOps in Universities]
14:30-15:00 Scientific presentations by NTNU (to be continued on day 2)
Guttorm Sindre – Excited! [Excited_IPIT_June18]
Monica Divitini – UMI Project
15:00-15:15  Master thesis V. Berg and J. Birkeland [Life and Academic work at NTNU as master students]
15: 15 – 16.00  Visions about student exchange and research collaboration – Panel led by Jingyue Li  [IPIT-International-Guzdia][CS INTRO(INCL UNIV)-Tsinghua]
16:00 Dinner on Campus

17:00 Bus arrives at NTNU and parks before NTNU main building
17:15 Bus leaves from Gløshaugen to the airport to take plane to Ålesund (Avgang SK4193 Trondheim – Ålesund 19.20 – 20.00)
Bus Vigra – Radisson Ålesund 20.00 – 21.00

Tuesday June 5 (Round trip to Geiranger fjord by hurtigruten 09:30-18:15)
Group discussions – Goals and Expectations for the IPIT project (Group work) Total time 2 hours
10.30 Coffee
Topic 1: leadership and administration (Group coordinator Eivind Voldhagen)
Topic 2: research (Group Coordinator Ilias Pappas)
Topic 3: education (Group coordinator Birgit Krogstie)
12.00 Lunch
15.30 Coffee
Scientific Presentations – return to the future!  (Mark Guzdial chair) Total time 1.5 hours
NTNU (continue from day 1) Guttorm Sindre – Computing Education – Birgit Krogstie – Computing Education –Jingyue Li – Software Engineering  – [My Research Focus and Interests] – Anniken Karlsen – [Digital transformation] -Ibrahim Ahmed – [IIR Research StrategyOrges Cico – Empirical Software Engineering – [Migrating Google Cloud SDK to the Cloud Case StudyL GAE Launcher[Innovation and Technology driven Software EngineeringMichigan, Tsinghua, and Nanjing about future research topics
19.00 Dinner and walk in Ålesund

Wednesday June 6 (NTNU Ålesund campus) room Aksla

08:00 Those attending the board meeting leaves for NTNU Ålesund campus by taxi,  which arrives at Radisson Blu Hotel Ålesund 08:00

09:30 The remaining participants leaves for NTNU Ålesund campus by Maxi taxi, which arrives at Radisson Blu Hotel Ålesund 09:30

08.30-10.00 Board Meeting (Agenda for the Board meeting will be distributed (Only for board members: Letizia, Eivind, Jingyue, Fufen, Barbara, Mark, Xiaoying Bai, He Zhang) this will be held in room Rundskue
10.00-11.00 Dr. Anniken Karlsen, Head of Department of ICT and Natural Sciences, along with Ibrahim Ahmed and Eike Matthias Garbe present Ålesund department and Ålesund industry [Digital transformation] [Næringsliv Møre og Romsdal]
11.00 – 11.15 Break  
11.30-12.15 Master, PhD, postdoctoral students present their work Chair: Barbara Ericsson
Sofia Papavlaslou PHD NTNU Computing Education [Investigating children’s experience in coding workshops]
Katie Cunningham PHD US Computing Education [Bite-sized CS
& other CS Ed research]
Elias Hasle Master Student – [Vessel.js: a web-based ship design library]
12.30-13.30 lunch
13.30-14.30 Master, PhD, postdoctoral students present their work Chair: Xiaoying Bai
Mingjie Li  PHD Tsinghua – Software Engineering [Software Engineering Practical Training]
Jinyu Ma Master Nanjing – Software Engineering [Utilize Natural Language Processing in Evidence-based software engineering]
Bohan Liu Nanjing PHD – Software Engineering [The Experience of an Ordinary Doctoral Student in NJU]
Nora Tomas [Sustainability towards extending the life-cycle of mobile computers]
Ilias Pappas NTNU Postdoc – Marie Curie Initiate
14:45 – 15:00 Final conclusions by Letizia Jaccheri and the Board
15:25 Bus arrives at NTNU Ålesund campus
15:40 Bus leaves for Ålesund airport
17:40 Flight to Trondheim
(Avgang SK4146 Ålesund – Trondheim 17.40 – 18.25)