How about going to China from Nora

“How about going to China?
Hi there! I am Nora, a master’s student in Computer Science (Datateknologi) at NTNU. Going abroad to study was a terrifying idea for me! I still get lost walking around Realfagsbygget after five years. Imagine how lost I would get walking around in foreign lands. Scary, scary! I figured if I ever was to go abroad I should at least go somewhere where they speak English so that I can ask for help when I get lost. Well, that is not exactly how things turned out. I am now in China without Google Maps! 

The process of applying to Nanjing University was not difficult. I attended an IPIT meeting by chance where I was shown beautiful pictures of China. The night I got home, inspired by the meeting, I wrote my application. Shortly after applying, I was contacted by Letizia and asked to come along to a trip to Ålesund with students and professors from the Chinese universities. Afterwards, I picked a thesis topic that would fit with the research conducted by Nanjing university, After that I got a lot of help from the amazing Chinese students in finding accomodation and doing some paperwork. The whole process did not take very long!
If you are interested in going to Nanjing (which I hope you are because it is a wonderful place), I can assure you that the process is manageable! The students here are also exceptionally helpful and friendly. You can also contact me I will be happy to answer any questions you might have!”