IPIT @NTNU Norway-China Forum


Prof. Jingyue Li has promoted IPIT at the NTNU Norway-China forum today.

His presentation was in the time slot below:

12.30-12.35  Hans Roven, professor, dept of Materials Science and Engineering 
12.35-12.40  Alex Hansen,professor PoreLab, Department of Physics
12.40-12.45  Liping DING associate professor, Department of Teacher Education
12.45-12.50  Jingyue LI, associate professor, dept of Computer Science  
12.50-12.55  Hao WANG, associate professor, dept of Computer Science
12.55-13.00  Qiaoqiao WANG, China Coordinator at NTNU energy 
13.00-13.05  Daniel Satola, PhD candidate FME-ZEN center
13.05-13.10  Chen ZHANG, post-doc, dept of Engineering Cybernetics

Thank you to the IPIT team for keeping up the good work.

Stay tuned …