Eirik Lund – Thesis kick-off with Prof. Jingue Li @NTNU before traveling to Tsinghua University

Today Eirik Lund had the opportunity to discuss his thesis plans with Professor Jingue Li @NTNU before moving further the process with Prof. Bai @Tsinghua. 

Explored topic : End product source verifiability through blockchain within supply chain.

What we need  from Prof. Bai:

  • Contact with industry
  • Compare to other companies and their existing solutions

Prof. Jingue Li suggestions:
Make the solution generic challenge so that it can be considered research.
Before meeting with professor Bai prepare two pages containing :

  • Background
  • Research motivation
  • Common collaboration points
  • Research plan

Milestones established

  • Send  report before 7th December 
  • 18th December Wechat meeting with Prof. Bai