Ina-Marie Hansen Engebak online meeting with her Supervisor @University of Michigan


Ina-Marie is the IPIT first student to visit University of Michigan in 2019.

Today together with Professor Letizia Jaccheri and Javi Escribano she had her first encounter with her supervisor Gabriela Marcu @University of Michigan with an online meeting from IPIT headquarters @NTNU.

You can read a briefing of what was discussed and questions asked.

Ina-Marie : Is there working space?

Gabriela: Shared spaces are available.

Ina-Marie : Can I participate to a social network?

Gabriela: The university is active and there are a lot of student groups including athletics, if you are into sports and outdoors activities. People will invite you to things and tell you what is happening.

Ina-Marie : Can I recruit test subjects?

Gabriela : It is harder to get approval rather than getting subjects. What is your research topic?

Letizia: We have experience to writing applications to the Norwegian entity for ethics so we can help.

Ina-Marie : I would like to do experiments with children with an already developed game. Pre test and post test and measure their empathy.

Gabriela : Submitting the application for approval before coming to Michigan. With children it gets longer such as weeks and months and then decide which groups of children to use. We have an online training for filling in the applications for responsibilities as researchers.

You should read more about my work on gathering and analysing quantitative data. Other colleagues can help you analyse qualitative data or online surveys

Ina-Marie : How often I will be meeting my supervisor?

Gabriela : I will be teaching two courses  a lot more than before so the meetings will be weekly group meetings and weekly meeting one on one or teams depending on the thesis. Slack is used with research group.

Ina-Marie : I have used Slack from before so this is great.  How often will the meetings with Letizia will happen?

Letizia: Once a month normally to have some check and start common projects. The idea is to write a common paper if the thesis is very good.

Gabriela : One semester at a time we set time to write posters full paper etc goals so that they have something more concrete. You get a lot of support to mitigate the pressure for the student. Several objectives are set up so the student can meet one or another or choose different publishing directions based on the collected data…

Letizia: It is a good idea to have some meeting before arriving and prepare before hand. We will send a report before she comes and if it is publishable on IDC on 16th of Jannuary.

Gabriela : It is very cold and snowing in Michigan, so be prepared 🙂