IPIT & Gateway to China

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IPIT is preparing a workshop together with Gateway to China program on November 16.

Welcome to our initiative!


IPIT & Gateway to China_ culture and etiquette

Program for workshop Gateway to China & IPIT

Date: 16. November

Venue: Varmetekniske Seminar Room C201 ; Location on MazeMap

First part: IPIT

13:30-13:40    Coffee and Chinese tea, mingling

13:40-14:00    Exchange opportunities via IPIT & presentation of IPIT partner in USA

(By Letizia Jaccheri, professor IDI & IPIT project leader)

14:00-14:20    IPIT partners in China

(By Jingyue Li, associate professor IDI)

14:20-14:30    Study abroad in China & USA: my research and expectations

(Nora Tomas – Exchange to Nanjing 2019, Ina-Marie Hansen Engebak – IPIT presentation November 16th 2018 who have received IPIT fellowships for study abroad in China/USA)

14:30-15:45    Title: How can NTNU TTO assist you in commercialization and making impact from you research?

(Anders Aune, Kristin Lønsethagen)

14:45-15:00  Coffee break with snacks

Second Part: Gateway to China – Culture and Etiquette

15:00-15:05    Introduction to Gateway to China

(By Qiaoqiao Wang, China project coordinator, NTNU Energy)

15:05-15:15    My stay in China

(Jakub Wladyslaw Dziedzic stayed in Tsinghua University as an exchange PhD

student for 10 months in 2017. )

15:15-15:30    How I learn Mandarin

(Diego Maria Barbieri is from Institute of Department of Civil and

Environmental Engineering. He started his Mandarin learning while he was on

an exchange programme to Fuzhou University. )

15:30-15:45    A brief introduction to Chinese cuisine

(Han Han is an experienced Mandarin teacher from China. Graduated from

Beijing Language and Culture University, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a

Second Language. She has been working in Mandarin education field for more

than 15 years, in China, USA and Norway.)

15:45-16:00    Panel discussion: Dos and Donts in China.

(Three speakers will join Qiaoqiao Wang for a panel discussion to share their

personal experiences on Chinese etiquette. )